Rail Safety and Training Resources Inc. (RSTR) is a company that provides rail and rail related industries with high quality employee training at a reasonable cost. We provide both centralized and decentralized training services based upon our customer's needs. We at RSTR feel strongly that training should be considered an investment rather than an expense. We have taken a fundamental approach to providing your crews with the tools to make decisions that are consistent with your policies and procedures, contributing to a safer overall operation.

We believe that a proper understanding of the job's requirements are essential for rules compliance, and rules compliance is essential to safety. By demonstrating initiative, using creativity and striving for excellence, we provide the basic keys to success. Encouraging these efforts in others can turn ideas into opportunity and effort into accomplishment. High quality, high-energy training helps tap the enthusiasm of your employees and fuel the pursuit of excellence.

RSTR has seen, through its exposure to the different approaches taken by the rail industry, that it is of the utmost importance to have a training program in place that provides a continuity throughout the growth of an employee from switchman/brakeman to conductor to engineer. Our ability to provide a "total training package" allows your employees a more complete understanding and application of your company's safety and operating rules. Keep in mind, our training concept takes into consideration the current climate in the rail industry that emphasizes a zero-tolerance for safety lapses.

Our mission is to enable the rail industry to work safely, efficiently, and profitably in a rapidly changing economic environment.